Sunday, December 2

Days In The 'Frozen Zone'——Cameron (Remark)

Crown Imperial Apartment
As I had mentioned before, we stayed in Brinchang's Crown Imperial Apartment.
Well, the water there was felt rusty, I didn't know that's rust or color of dirt or whatever it was. By the way, the tap water was ABSOLUTELY CANNOT BE DRANK!!
The rate was MYR350 per night for 24 and 25 November. More expensive during public holidays....

The TV, small enough....until I was wondering what actually it's..

Beside, if you guys wanna have a trip to Cameron, it's better to book a hotel or apartment nearby Brinchang's Pasar Malam. Easier for you to have to look at there. 
Cactus Valley BBQ Steamboat
Ignore those person. The photos seem blurry, here's Cactus Valley BBQ Steamboat Restaurant.
I have no idea why there's no results from Google, but there indeed a restaurant worth eating.
It's located at Brinchang, beside an alley.
MYR20 per head for the BBQ steamboat, and some others dishes sold there.
The stuff including veges, fish balls, meat balls, pork, chicken, shrimps, squids and so on.
Nothing different from BBQ Plaza, but there're larger portion.
As I was wondering what's different, yea! There's no rice in Cactus Valley!
However,I liked their sauces frantically! 

Boh Tea Plantation
Should be going to Boh Tea Plantation, but unwell on the moment, so, hmmm.......=/
Boh Tea Plantation is a must-visit place when you are in Cameron! Yet the web and my relatives said this......

Brinchang's Pasar Malam
A place you must go when you stayed at Brinchang!
Brinchang's Pasar Malam!!
Here's photo obtained from web.
Morning's Pasar Malam

During night

A display of food they deep fried

Strawberry Pudding

Strawberry, they will add on melt chocolate topping for you instantly you ordered

.:. Have a look on the guide →

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