Wednesday, June 26


Haze was getting worse recently, though, a downpour took away some of its friends.
People lives safer, healthier, and more cheerful, so as I.
Air, air, I like fresh air, I need fresh air ¯﹃¯
Yesterday, all students in school were dismissed after recess, me and one of our friend decided to go to his house, the 'friend' didn't show up even some hours past.....
Spent half a day in his house, crawling around his house  ←_←
I wonder why boys like DotA2 so that much..Blindly watching him playing, don't even know piece of sh*t about it...Well, the graphic seem nice, and I like that cute little thingy, Puck.
Looking forward to the next chance to disturb you (╰_╯)#

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  1. Hahaha ... DotA 2 very very nice one leh .. Especially the graphic ..