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Sugaring Wax (DIY Hair Removal)

Chinese version: Sugaring Wax (DIY Hair Removal)

Are you agonizing with those tenacious hair growing everywhere on your body?
Try out this Sugaring Wax therapy.
However, you have to endure the hotness of the paste.
I personally felt this really gave out unbearable feeling, perhaps because I had cooked the sugar for too long? It was getting more acceptable since you had applied the paste onto your skin twice and so on.
According to the information I adopted from the web, this method wouldn't darken the area as the lemon helps in whitening, and if you are going to remove your armpit hairs, assure the hairs are long enough.

Firstly, prepare your own sugaring wax, DIY!

Get ready all the things.
- Hairdryer
- Towel
- Wax paste
- Tweezers
- Damp cloth

Then, follow these steps.
① Wipe the pre wax area with a clean damp cloth, ensure the areas are in clean condition without sweat, oil, dust.
② Apply the paste onto the skin, give pressure when applying the paste.
③ Wait for some seconds until the paste turn into solid state, tear it from the opposite area, that is from below to the top
④ Wash your hands and shower the area to ensure the skin is clean.
⑤ Repeat these steps until your hairs are utterly been removed.
⑥ Use a tweezers to remove the hairs remained.
⑦ Finally, remember to apply some Aloe Vera gel.

Tips: Straight after removing a patch of sugar, press firmly on the area can help inhibit the pain!

**If you had cooked the sugar paste for too long and it became too stiff to apply, use a hair dryer to soften the sugar, repeat this step before the sugar turn into hard candy and before you apply it onto your hairy area.

I had tried it once, and I wanna use this method for the following times. It really does let your skin smoother, consider this for your hair removal method!

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Chinese version: Sugaring Wax (DIY Hair Removal)

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