Monday, July 1

PICKABY (Online Lucky Draw)

Simply make a click on the image above, you'll experience a better way to win a prize by ONLINE.
This website provide a medium for amateur to win a valuable prize through the internet.

However, some lucky draws may ask you to pay for the postage fee, in my opinion, if the prizes you won are really worth you to pay for some money, for example, a prize which worth fifty bucks or above..Actually, these are just based on personal view.

Sometimes they will give you Discount Cash Vouchers, Cash Vouchers or even a redemption coupon.

You can enjoy different offers, based on the merchants.

Some lucky draw might require you to spend money to get a chance to participate the contest.

If you are interested, follow my steps to get you registered and familiar with the procedure of getting a chance to win!
① If you own a FACEBOOK account, search for this button, and ofcourse login your facebook:

Otherwise, you can just sign up and login
② After logged in, go to My Profile and fill up your info.
③ Now you can spend you time to choose those you want to take part in, ofcourse, you should provide a Draw Code before you choose a slot in the lucky draw, the draw code can be obtained through FACEBOOK or perhaps other medium, view the Term& Condition and Get Draw Code before you proceed.
④Wait for the date which contest ended!\

Today (01/07/2013)
Current draw are:

Amici Sdn Bhd Dealers Contest #00000005

Amici Sdn Bhd Dealers ContestPrize Value: 0.00
End at 31 Jul 2013 10:00:00 am

Kay Cafe and Restaurant #00000009

Kay Cafe and RestaurantPrize Value: 3,840.00
End at 17 Jul 2013 12:00:00 pm

éPure Pick & Win Contest #00000010

éPure Pick & Win ContestPrize Value: 3,118.80
End at 24 Jul 2013 12:00:00 am

What are you waiting for? Begin your journey to win free stuffs!
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