Wednesday, March 27

Days In Hatyai (Thailand) —— Day 1

What a sheer bad luck since my sis will be following us to go oversea.

First of all, few days before going to Hatyai, when we went to Jabatan Imigresen in Kajang, the people in charge evacuated all of us who went there for renewing or whatever regarding the passport. Why? The whole system in Malaysia went down!! Ridiculous, ridiculous!! The system went down, yet, it was once in a blue moon....

For the second matter, I don't know whether it's an ordinary case or whatever. The entire airport went black out!! Uhhhh....Made me sweated like a bull uh..

Thirdly, we're almost missed our plane, due to the 'andante' motion of the staffs, plus, of course the power failure....psssssssiiit

K, finally, successfully boarded our plane.

Have a look for our hotel, VL Hatyai Hotel.

Sister said that we're gonna getting fatter and fatter since we stayed there. Why? Cause....ate more and fat more...
She said, she looked slim in this photo huh..

Have a nice sit-up!

**10 Baht/10 ฿ = Rm1 
When about evening, went to the night non-particular night market.
Oysters [150 ฿]

River snails [100 ฿]

Oyster Omelette [70 ฿]

Brought this back to hotel, this kway teow came along with some packets of chili powder and crushed peanuts. I prefer eating with chili powder, crushed peanuts made my kway teow tasted sweetyyy.
Pad Thai (Fried Kway Teow) - [about 20 ฿]

My shirt got wet....Sweatttttyyyyyyyy......Shoooooo hot there huh..

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