Friday, March 29

Days In Hatyai (Thailand) —— Day 2 [Part I]

Woke up about 6 something, cause M'sia time was  7 something, Thailand is an hour early than M'sia...
Couldn't sleep welllll....Duhhh..It isn't my bed  photo 22-1827353836T.gif

Went out for breakfast..
I liked this pork knuckle rice, give an extremely high rate of recommendation for this.
Busying preparing our meals
**10 Baht/10 ฿ = RM1

Pork Knuckle+rice [45 ฿]

Upstair of Kim Yong was selling all electronics products..I saw a SAMSUNG GALAXY S III selling for 5200 ฿. It is pirated anyway....
Gazing down from the upstair of Kim Yong market (錦榮)

After shopping for whole morning, two ladies discussing with receptionist of our hotel, regarding today's spending & eating & ofcourse visiting schedule.
Finally, the discussion came to a result. We will be visiting 3 places in Songkla which're Samilla Beach, Songkla Zoo and Songkla Aquarium. 1 more place was Stainless Steel Tower.

Burning incenses there aren't really burning..It's electric burning incense.

Look! Thailand also got Sin Chew Daily!Duhhhhh

Mummu bought a lot things and packed it with the giant bag which cost 70 ฿.

It's the sight from our hotel room in 8th floor.

Menu in my room...

She got high when drinking.....plain water??

It was 3p.m. now, taxi gor gor brought us to the places which I had mentioned before this..

Drove to Samilla Beach had taken approximately 45 minutes..Sister was the most excited one because she loves beach much. We both changed our clothes and walked towards the sea....Yes, walked towards the sea......
I'm sooo afraid of it, even standing in the water, just passed ankles made me felt horrible. It's like....Felt liked tapping by the water and pushing me toward the deeper area or into the water...
Sis: Hooorrray, let's run!

It's the signature of Samilla Beach, the Mermaid. Not the PEOPLE wearing a shirt printed NY...

Signboard below the mermaid statue

Pretty magnificent... 

Sold for 10 ฿ per mermaid statue, i mean the smallest one

Secondly, we went Tang Kuan Hill instead of Songkla Zoo and Songkla aquarium since time is limited
Photo I took from another website. The front view of the Tang Kuan Hill.

The ticket.

Above 120cm = 30 ฿ 
Below 120cm = 20 ฿ 

We're in the elevator..A great experience. You will know why did I said this when you take a ride of it.

Sea view from above of Tang Kuan Hill.

People pasting gold coils onto the statue.

The particular order of knocking the bells.

Wishing wind-bells. If the bells fulfilled this cage, then they will be melted to make new bells.

Wishing wind-bells too.

Will be recycled to make new little elephants too.

Wishing wind-bells, elephant statues, lantern oil, fire cracks, erm...Love Locks for sell..

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