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Days In Hatyai (Thailand) —— Day 3

It's a extremely fine fine fine morning.....We walked to shops nearby our hotel, saw a lot of foreign tourists wandering for their breakfast to kick off once a beautiful day.

**10 Baht/10 ฿ = RM1
Well, it's our Teh Ais (Ice Tea)...It's something mixed by tea, evaporated milk & crushed ice.......Just a little bit differ from our country's.

Otak-otak. It's a cake made if fish meat and spices..Its origin is nyonya

Tom Yam Kuey Tew [60 ฿], I think
Tom Yam Kuey Tew, this thingy is really spicy, my tongue was utter on fire...Such a horrible meal..Finally I gave up and exchanged mine with mum's, hers is Nam Yu Mee(南乳面)..

After finished my AWFULLLLL thingy for breakfast, wandering on the street for local thingyyyy....
Bought a lot of Thai medicines=___= Dozen and dozen....
One should enjoy him/herself by patronizing a massage parlor. We can see massage parlor everywhere..Plus, price is reasonable to afford.
It costed us 250 ฿ per person, massages from feet, calf, thigh, hands, back until head..
Baba suggested it, at first no one wanted, but finally all gave in..So, 1000 ฿ for all....

After a relaxing moment
Corn Pie, about 25 - 35 perhaps? I had forgotten the price duh......

Brown braid belt [99 ฿
 A pair of odd red color owl earring [25 ฿]

/Gold/ Samilla mermaid statue [MYR 1 / 10 ฿]
/Red/ Wooden elephant [150 ฿]
/Green & Blue/ Two little pair of cute couple which wrote 'I MISS YOU' & 'GOOD LUCK' on it [69 ฿ per pair]  

Mosquito Repellent with Fragrance [75 ฿]

I got this shoe at a shop in Lee Garden Plaza, too many shoes laid inside, choosing with #Excitement and #Dazzled eyes..Such a shoes heaven for girls..Though....I just bought a casual one duhhh
Canvas shoes with pad [250 ฿]
Actually I didn't capture for all things bought.. =O

After shopping for one whole morning+afternoon, we got back to hotel for a nap, and continue to #EAT #WALK #SEE #PLAY.
Next station, the famous pasar malam around Hatyai I think. Damn it! I had forgoten the name! Ishhhhhhh....
Here we took a ride on 'tuk-tuk' finally...'tuk-tuk' represented taxi in Thailand..

A bell even located on the roof of this type of taxi, oh...I mean tuk tuk.

A speaker? @@ Duh! A tv even?!

We took a quite rapid journey to arrive the destination..
Little Sushi

[15 - 25 ฿]
Something crispy with cream, it looked fancy, but tasted ehemmm.... 

Deep fried thingy [20 ฿ - 50 ฿]

[20 - 1000000 ฿]

Yea...I didn't type it wrongly, it's actually 1000000 ฿!!
Why? Because this dishonest stall cheated our money, though it's only small amount, they just destroyed my impression towards Malays in Thailand!!
At first, the wrapped head woman told us the price, however, the price suddenly rose for about 100 ฿ or more when we finished our meal and asked for billed..

This is the cunning stall, still cheating for money I think.........

Quail eggs (雞蛋仔)

We didn't spend much time in wandering in the pasar malam.Why? Because...daddy's little poo poo were clamoring for going out ><  Plus, my stomach was feeling unwell again...We left over mummy and little sis at Lee Garden Plaza, sisster still wanna shop uhh..
Went back to our hotel, searching for the right medicine in mummy's universal bag@@

Money I left, 1320 ฿ left..From 2000 ฿..I'm quite a money saver =>

Real leather bag [600 ฿]

Veil Cullotes [150 ฿]

Leopard printing bag [90 ฿]

We didn't really had a meal for dinner, mummy and me went for supper...TAKE AWAY~

Beef noodles soup, too salty lar ><

Oyster omelette 

Kuew Teow again, I like this damn much!

I have no idea about this, but yet, I like it!

Don't worry for the price, the price is reasonable, excluded MALAY HAWKERS.....

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