Sunday, April 28

Days In Hatyai (Thailand) —— Day 4

It's time to pack up the luggage, switch our holiday mode into normal.

Our lunch, excluded me.
This set included a GIANT bowl of wantan mee + ice tea.
If I didn't make a mistake, it's 179 per set.
They provided a very large slice of Char Siew (pork it is)....

I need this badly, bought it there, to avoid vomiting & nausea...

It's Raffaello from Ferrero.
I love it till no word to describe!
A taste that able to melt my heart as if a hot knife cutting through butter duh


① Luggage readied.
② Mood/mode set.
③ Arrived airport.
④ Took lunch.
⑤ Shopping in Duty Free shop while awaiting to departure.
⑥ Set out. 

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End Grandly...

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