Saturday, April 6

Days In Hatyai (Thailand) —— Day 2 [Part II]

Came along with me to another place.
Here...This is also Songkla Beach if I'm not mistaken. 

This is a dragon I think? Plus, this is only the head, his, I mean its tail is located at another spot around the beach. But I didn't take the photo for its tail.....

Let me introduce you the most cheap, delicious, fantastic........And till I couldn't describe its delicacy!
It's coconut ice-cream. Don't ever say that you did went Songkla before if you didn't eat this! I'm going to make this stuff when I back home!

Yea..Obviously the COCONUT ICE-CREAM vendor, I mean...stall.

**10 Baht/10 ฿ = RM1
This coconut ice-cream contains pine-seed (atapchi), glutinous rice, bread pieces, roasted peanuts, 4-5 scoops of coconut ice-cream, and the orange color thingy perhaps is sweet potatoes? I had forgotten what is that....Duhhh
Coconut Ice-cream [30 ฿]

Our next stop is Thah Darrrr~~The Stainless Steel Tower! It seem to be green color in the photo, in any shoot by any camera....But actually its brightening white. A majestically scene

This board above these bells had crafted on 12 Chinese Zodiac, 7 days in a weeks and 12 months respectively..Guess what? You have to find your own birth day and knock it...Not simply knocking it for fun yarrr

Snake with three heads.

Following this stair would lead us to the inside of the tower.

Entrance of the tower

Do you remember your own birthday?
Monday - Sunday. One of it, if you remembered, throw a coin or a pile of coins as you wish..
Stand at a certain spot which a circle had crafted on the floor, throw your coin/coins, if a jingling could be heard, then your coin is already fall into the right one

It's a Monday babies' aisle

After an exhausted afternoon, we got to a restaurant, named 嗳 (aì). I liked the deep-fried pork knuckle much!!Crispy skin with tender flesh, a perfectly match dish!
**10 Baht/10 ฿ = RM1
Deep-fried pork knuckle [350 ฿]

erm.....tofu soup I think...I had forgotten the price..

Oyster Omelette [150 ฿]

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